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Sustainability in Workplace

Sustainability in Workplace Safety and Health Management System


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This training course examines how safety frameworks might incorporate sustainability principles. By incorporating sustainable solutions into safety measures, participants will gain knowledge on how to put the requirements for future success, organizational resilience, and human wellness first. Attendees will develop competency in risk assessment, employee engagement, and continuous improvement through hands-on classes and real-world examples, encouraging a proactive attitude to safety.

UTAP grant supported, able to claim up to 50% of course fee.
SDU points: 16
Next Schedule:
May 2024
25 & 26 May | 9am - 6pm
June 2024
27 & 28 June | 9am - 6pm

1. Aspects of sustainability in workplace safety and health management systems that are social, economic, and regulatory
2. Risk assessment, employee empowerment, communication tactics, and matching sustainability goals with safety objectives
3. Recognizing dangers and evaluating risks

1. Experts from a range of sectors, such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and construction
2. Environmental officers, supervisors, and safety managers in charge of health and safety

1. Acquire the expertise and skills needed to incorporate sustainable practices into safety procedures
2. Boost productivity, earnings, and the adaptability of the company
3. Reduce accidents and encourage a secure and wholesome workplace

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