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Merging Sustainability with OHS

Merging Sustainability with OHS


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Merging Sustainability with OHS: This course offers a comprehensive exploration of the critical intersection between sustainability and occupational health and safety. Participants will delve into the principles, strategies, and best practices that empower organizations to create safer, healthier, and more sustainable workplaces. Through a blend of theoretical foundations, real-world case studies, and practical exercises, learners will gain a deep understanding of how sustainability and OHS complement each other, driving both organizational excellence and social responsibility.

UTAP grant supported, able to claim up to 50% of course fee.
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Merging Sustainability with OHS

Understand the Core Concepts:

  • Define sustainability and occupational health and safety.
  • Explore the ethical, social, and economic drivers for merging these disciplines.

Legal and Regulatory Frameworks:

  • Analyze global and regional regulations, standards, and compliance requirements.
  • Learn how to align sustainability initiatives with OHS legal mandates.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation:

  • Identify potential environmental, health, and safety risks in the workplace.
  • Develop strategies for risk mitigation that align with sustainability goals.

Sustainable Design and Practices:

  • Explore sustainable design principles for workplaces.
  • Implement eco-friendly practices and technologies that enhance OHS.

Sustainability Reporting and Communication:

  • Learn to effectively communicate sustainability achievements and OHS performance.
  • Develop skills for engaging stakeholders and fostering transparency.

Integrating Sustainability into OHS Management Systems:

  • Understand the integration of sustainability into OHS management systems (ISO 45001).
  • Assess the role of leadership and culture in driving sustainable OHS practices.

Case Studies and Best Practices:

  • Analyze real-world cases where organizations successfully merged sustainability and OHS.
  • Extract lessons and apply them to your own professional context.

Practical Implementation:

  • Develop an action plan to integrate sustainability principles into your organization’s OHS practices.
  • Gain hands-on experience with sustainability assessment tools and methodologies.

Gain hands-on experience with sustainability assessment tools and methodologies.

This course is designed for professionals, managers, and individuals from a wide range of industries, including but not limited to manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and services, who are interested in promoting sustainability and improving occupational health and safety within their organizations.

By the end of this course, participants will be well-prepared to drive positive change within their organizations by effectively merging sustainability with occupational health and safety, ultimately creating workplaces that are safer, more sustainable, and socially responsible.

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